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The Baby Boss
The classic Baby Boss. This hold is a shallow poured tweak of the Boss. I've added a set screw point..
The Beast
The one and only… What can I really say about this hold? Although it's not quite the most famous hol..
The Boss
The most famous hold ever made. This shape was a collaborative effort by Mike Call and Marc Russo a..
The Classic Font Set
Ten of the most timeless slopers ever created. These shapes were made to imitate the world famous Fr..
The Complete Classic Granite Line
This collection contains all of the current Classic Granite Sets. Includes 25 holds. (Small Classic ..
The Complete Font Line
This collection contains all of the currently available  bolt-on  New and Classic Font Sets. 53 hold..
The Complete Sticky Cobble Line
The complete sticky cobble line. Cobble Jibs, Sticky Cobble Feet #1, Tri-Cobble, and Sticky Cobble ..
The Death Star
The classic Tri-Cobble, remastered. ..
XL Fonts
This is the new "XL" Font Set from Pusher. These holds are the largest of the new bolt on Font holds..
XL Granite Spike
Classic Dish Set #1
A super classic set of first pad crimp dishes. This set is reminiscent of some classic holds in Joe'..
Classic Pinch Set #1
A set of five classic pinches. Set screw spots have been added to update this line. These holds are ..
Classic Screw On Pockets
This classic set of ten screw on pockets are a great addition to any woodie. Very reminiscent of Joe..
Crimp Pocket Set #1
A brand new set of crimp pockets. These holds were shaped to be very reminiscent of some older class..
Font Volume #1
The first Pusher Font polyurethane volume. This hold will be the most useful when set on angle chang..
Joe's Crimp Set #5
A brand new set of five positive incut crimpers. ..
Woodie Crimps Set 1
A brand new set of ten extremely fine grain screw on crimpers. All holds have three set-screw points..