Classic Hueco Crimps

Classic Hueco Crimps
Classic Hueco Crimps Classic Hueco Crimps
Brand: Pusher
Product Code: pusher-chcrmp
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Super crimpers. I would like to note that most of these were originally known as "Flakes," and believe it or not the sharpest one in the group was originally in a classic Font set. I've "remastered" these holds and have realigned the bolt holes to be centered and have also added a "pre-drilled" set screw with washer. I spent a lot of time contemplating the location of the set spot and whether or not I should even mess with such a classic set of holds at all. In the end I decided that I would prefer to have them with a nice quality durable set spot so I decided to "update" them. I also cleaned up any rough areas and tried my best to restore them to the quality that I remember as a kid. Enjoy. Most of these holds are comfy enough for vertical terrain. However, these holds really start to shine as the angle kicks back.

Shape crimps,edges,incuts
Size small
Style artistic,competition,realistic
Wall Angle near vertical walls,steep walls,training/system walls
Attach 3/8" hex bolt
Difficulty hard,moderate
Staff Rating excellent
Texture sandstone
Material polyurethane
Set Count 10

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