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Large Slasher Jugs
Although we have a set of Slasher Jugs, it's like we said before, not all jugs are created equal, so..
Medium Slasher Jugs
Description coming soon! ..
XL Slasher Fin Jugs
Ladies and gentleman, gym rats and outdoor climbers, we present to you what you've all been waiting ..
XL Slasher Jugs
Although a jug is a common name used for a hold, not all jugs are created equal. The Slasher Jugs ar..
XS Slasher Feet
Our Slasher Jibs are nuggets of joy with many different features from ledges, sloping faces to tiny ..
XXL Slasher Jugs
Description coming soon! ..
Large Broken Shale Edges
They may be broken but they work just fine! The Broken Shale set provides five holds with comfortabl..
Large Core Cobbles
The Cobble Edges, with their Maple Canyon cobble shape and signature Abide texture create a combinat..
Large Rough Cut Slopers
With the Large Rough Cuts geometric shape you are given a wide variety of possibility, with a simple..
Large Slasher Paired Rails
The little brother to our XL Slasher rails, but just because it's the little brother doesn't mean he..
Large Slasher Shallow Edges
From the get go, the first thing you will notice about the Slasher Shallow Edges is their comfort. I..
Large Weathered Ledge Jugs
6 deep jugs that are positive enough to be used on nearly any angle wall. The weathered ledge design..
Medium Broken Shale Jugs
These 6 Medium jugs offer peeled layers for a different feel with an artistic broken shale style. Th..
Medium Rough Cut Jugs
6 Medium Rough Cut Jugs perfect for everyday use. ..
Medium Slasher Pockets
These four pockets complete your Slasher collection to bringing fresh new routes to the climbers you..
Medium Slasher Slant Pockets
The beauty of something imperfect is you need to learn to love it, but it won't take long with the n..
Medium Weathered Ledge Jugs
These 6 artistic weathered ledge holds are excellent medium size finger buckets. ..
Small Broken Shale Crimps
6 uniquely shaped climbing holds that offer ½ - ¾ pad crimps. These small crimps are great for slabs..
Small Core Easy Feet
While Abides owner Buck was shaping holds he recognized that half the time feet are the biggest fact..
Small Core Smear Feet
The Core Smear Feet have no edges; instead it's a sloping oval shapes surface with Abides signature ..
Small Rough Cut Crimps
These Small Rough Cut Crimps provide basic one pad crimps with slightly different contours and incut..
Small Slasher Cave Crimps
Obviously the Cave Crimps can be used on any angle of wall, but we highly suggest you get this new s..
Description coming soon! ..
Small Slasher Thin Cave Crimps
Possibly some of the most comfortable crimps you will get your tips on! The Slasher series keeps on ..
Small Slasher Volume Bumps
With the quick evolution of indoor climbing gyms and the search to offer members something new It's..
XL Core Cobble
The Cobble Edge XL is the big brother to our 5 Cobble Medium set, offering enough space for two hand..
XL Slasher Ledges
The Slasher Ledges are both two handed holds 2-3 pads deep give or take depending on your hands. Bot..
XL Slasher Paired Rails
The Slasher XL Rails are another prized collection of the Abide Slasher series, deep, in-cut, textur..
XS Slasher Steep Wall Feet
Description coming soon! ..
XXL Broken Shale Roof Jugs
Each of these XXL roof jugs have 2 double incut jugs making them extremely versatile. They are great..
XXL Core Crest
This hold forces your hand to a groove on the inside lip and offers more than enough room for both h..
XXXL Slasher Sloper
This XXXL sloper offers a dynamic design. With each 90 degree turn you change the game completely. A..
XXXL Slasher Tufa
Your big moves will never be the same. This Tufa is one of our most versatile holds. Whether you're ..