Pusher was formed in 1993 in Salt Lake City and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative climbing holds.


VooDoo has innovated and produced the finest climbing holds since 1993. VooDoo revolutionized the climbing hold industry by inventing Hollow Back holds, Dual Texture Holds, sliding bolts and by being one of the very first companies to pour holds exclusively in Polyurethane in the early 90's. VooDoo is known all over the world for making awesome grips, you can find many of their classic shapes here at Habit Climbing. 


A small climbing hold company based out of South Carolina. We strive to combine function and creativity to bring you high quality climbing holds.


Specializing in crafting thoughtful climbing holds with the experienced route-setter in mind. Each hold is carefully considered, designed, and matched with purpose- in this, Menagerie looks to rework climbing holds industry, creating a truly passionate and design-centric culture.


Putting detail into classic shapes.  

Great route-setting. Solid climbing. Aesthetic and thought-provoking design. 



Abide was built on the idea that quality doesn't need to be expensive. The climbing world as we know it was built on the backs of men who valued the freedom of the climb more than materialism. We go to work every day to bring that freedom to dirtbag climbers and gym rats alike. Everyone deserves a piece of that tasty pie. 


Formula Climbing Holds is owned and operated by Greg Kessler out of Denver, Colorado. 


Sugarhouse Holds



No state in the U.S. embodies the essence of American rock climbing quite like Utah. From the techy limestone in Logan, American Fork and St. George to the pumpy cobbles of Maple Canyon and pristine white granite of Little Cottonwood – it’s our goal at Sugarhouse Holds to share a piece of what makes these areas so special.


We are a climbing hold company formed in 2013. Since then we have been bringing you new shapes, texture, design and quality.


Habit Climbing is owned and operated by rock climbers with decades of experience in gym operation, wall design and construction, and hold manufacturing. We know what separates a good gym from an excellent one. We share a lifelong passion for climbing, and we’re just as psyched about climbing and training as our customers.