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Habit Climbing

About Our Holds

Habit Climbing brings you the best in modern climbing holds. Ranging from the tiniest foot jibs to monster features, our hold collection has been hand-picked to get you psyched to train. Whether it’s a crimp, a slopey pinch or a jug, each piece is as pleasing to the eye as is to the fingers.

When you shop at Habit, you’re getting your hands on the work of climbing’s best shapers. We offer our own holds, as well those from PusherOnsite, Capital, Redpoint, Menagerie, Toe Jam, Source, Voodoo and Abide. Together, this collection contains brand-new shapes and time-tested classics.

Say goodbye to brittle, chipping resin! All holds are made of polyurethane with 3800 psi tensile strength and a minimum of 5500 psi compression strength. We continually work with our chemists in ongoing research and development to improve the strength and durability of our PU. 

Not sure where to start? Try our hold selector to find just the right hold for your application.  ►find my hold


Are you a climbing industry professional? Purchasing for a gym? Learn about wholesale pricing here.

About Our Holds



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Assorted climbing holds

Latest Holds

Assorted climbing holds

No gym is complete without proper equipment and supplies. Stock your gym with the best ropes, draws, hangers, brushes, chalk—and a rainbow of gaffer’s tape.

Are you a climbing industry professional? Purchasing for a gym? Learn about wholesale pricing here.

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Assorted climbing holds

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Custom made Habit Flooring System at the Front Ogden.

With our Habit Flooring System, you can drastically reduce service intervals, injury count, and employee time spent on cleaning and maintaining. This will result in increased operational efficiency as well as profitability. Through extensive in-house testing. we have developed what has rapidly become the most durable, aesthetic and cleanable impact attenuation system on the market.

Our ballistic stystem have been tested and is currently in use at some of the nation's most premier climbing and training facilities, and is perfect for high traffic applications that need superior abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. When compared to the various vinyl materials and other woven nylon products used by many of our competitors' systems, our material has been ATSM-tested to be up to twice as strong.

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