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A Habit Climbing employee climbing on an indoor wall.

As climbers, our passion for the sport is poured into each hold we make. We take pride in meeting the needs of gym owners and routesetters by manufacturing high quality holds at an affordable price.


Types of Climbing Hold


Crimps are small, often incut (or flat) holds that are only thick enough to fit the first joint (or two) of the fingers. Crimps usually force climbers’ hands into a distinctive, “crimp” shape resulting in the knuckles just behind the fingernails settling into a collapsed position.


Edges are similar to crimps, but can be larger. An edge usually has a flatter gripping surface that can be held more easily in an open-handed position.



Features are super-sized, eye-catching holds with multiple gripping surfaces. They’re often used in competitions because of their good looks and the thought-provoking climbing they evoke.



Incuts have a “positive” or incut gripping surface—allowing climbers to sink their fingers behind the hold, thereby giving them great purchase.


Jugs (or Buckets)

Jugs (also called “buckets”) are very large and deeply incut holds—often big enough to fit at least one full hand. Jugs are, by definition, very easy to hold onto and move off of. They make you feel like a good climber!



The very opposite of incuts, slopers are rounded holds with no positive surfaces. These are difficult to hold onto and require good technique and strength. If you lack the skills and might to use these holds, they’ll be a great training tool for you!



As the name suggests, pinches are holds that are squeezed between the fingers and the thumb. Pinches can be slopey or incut, wide or narrow. These are great for improving hand strength.



A pocket is a hold with a hole into which climbers insert one or more fingers. A pocket that only accommodates one finger is called a mono.


Jibs (or Chips)

These are tiny, tiny holds usually used as foot holds. Most commonly mounted to the wall with wood screws (instead of bolts and t-nuts), they can be placed anywhere and require more precise footwork than other foot holds. 





Let us know if we’re missing any terms!



    Featured Brands

  • ClimbTech

    For the last 27 years, ClimbTech has been designing and manufacturing industrial and rock climbing anchor equipment. Started by two rock climbers ClimbTech has grown to achieve a reputation of dependable and innovative products.

  • Fixe

    Started in 1992, Fixe's anchoring products are designed for the needs of the indoor and outdoor climbing communities. Fixe produces high quality products that pass the CE / UIAA certification process.

  • Lapis

    Lapis produces boar's hair brushes that clean holds quickly and thoroughly without damaging or polishing their texture.



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Our ballistic system has been tested and is currently in use at some of the nation's most premier climbing and training facilities, and is perfect for high traffic applications that need superior abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. When compared to the various vinyl materials and other woven nylon products used by many our of competitor's systems, our material has been ASTM-tested to be up to twice as strong.

Custom made Habit Flooring System at the Front Ogden.