There’s really no way to describe the building process for all home gyms, as each wall is different. However, these general tips will save you a lot of headache:
  • be absolutely sure to locate the studs in the wall’s parent structure (if applicable)
  • double check that your wall will not interfere with its parent structure in any critical ways (i.e. prevent a door from opening or closing, or block the room’s only electrical outlet or window)
  • be sure that you build the wall’s components in the correct order—that is, the more time you spend visualizing the sequence of your construction project, the less time you’ll waste
  • measure angles and levelness whenever necessary
  • build the wall so its reasonably easy to disassemble (if there’s even a slight chance that you’ll ever have to take it down)
  • paint or stain the plywood before you drill holes for (and install) the t-nuts; if you don’t, the paint might drip into the threads of the t-nuts
  • drill the t-nut holes into the plywood and install all t-nuts before affixing the plywood to the frame; this is easier than doing it after you’ve installed the plywood, and allows for a better (i.e. perpendicular) angle of incidence when drilling the holes (see below)
  • make sure the t-nut holes are perpendicular to the plywood’s surface (in order to make cross-threading less likely in the future)
  • when drilling these holes, use a drill bit sized such that t-nuts must be pounded into the wall (rendering a very snug fit)
  • drill through the plywood from the front side to the back, therefore ejecting splinters out the back of the wall, rather than onto its climbing surface
  • avoid putting t-nut holes where the plywood will overlap with the wall’s frame; holes over the wall’s frame will be unusable (as bolts will generally protrude beyond the surface of the plywood)
  • install the t-nuts before installing the plywood
  • once the plywood is installed, sand all necessary edges to avoid splinters, etc…

Once you've constructed your wall, it's time to outfit it.  Finalize


Habit Climbing recommends consulting with an engineer whenever building a home gym. Our ideas are for consideration only, and should not replace advice of an expert.