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A Habit Climbing employee climbing on an indoor wall.

As climbers, our passion for the sport is poured into each hold we make. We take pride in meeting the needs of gym owners and routesetters by manufacturing high quality holds at an affordable price.


Training Center

Welcome to the Habit Climbing Training Center. 

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Why Train

Rock climbing is a strange sport. Born of mountaineering, and pioneered by dirtbags and derelicts, climbing has never had a mainstream feel like basketball or soccer. Historically speaking, climbers have never had coaches or teams—that is, until the very recent advent of indoor youth climbing teams.  Read more...

How to Train

Before we get into details, you need to ask yourself: What exactly do you want to do? What is your goal? Do you want to redpoint your hardest sport climb? Send your bouldering project? Onsight a certain grade? Get better at steep climbing? Technical climbing? Become a better all-around climber?  Read more...


ATP and Metabolic Specificity 

Climbers who claim to know about training spew all kinds of verbal garbage around the climbing gym and weight room. How many times have you heard climbers say they’re running to get in shape for sport climbing? Or say that, since route climbing is an endurance activity, they don’t need to take rest days between their climbing days?  Read more...

“Antagonist” Training

Imagine a typical day of rock climbing. Picture yourself climbing a route or boulder problem, or training in the gym. Imagine the moves you do, and the tiredness you feel afterward.  Read more...

Do's and Don'ts

When most people think about “training for climbing,” they imagine doing a bunch of pull-ups, campusing, climbing on systems walls, and listening to aggressive ‘90s techno music. And yes, training for climbing will likely involve all of these elements.  Read more...

Designing a Plan

Perhaps you’ve never trained for climbing before. Or you’ve dabbled in training—by doing exercises like campusing and pull ups—but haven’t seen much improvement in your ability. Or you’ve trained a lot of climbing-specific exercises, and all you’ve earned for yourself was overuse injuries and some months of couch time.  Read more...

Bulking Up

All climbers know: climbing is a sport in which a person’s strength-to-weight ratio plays a huge roll. We’ve all seen massive, muscle-bound dudes in the gym flailing on easy problems. Likewise, we’ve watched tiny, string-bean guys crushing nails-hard routes.  Read more...



The information presented on this website are in no way meant to replace the advice of medical experts. Please consult with a physician before embarking on any training program. 


    Featured Brands

  • ClimbTech

    For the last 27 years, ClimbTech has been designing and manufacturing industrial and rock climbing anchor equipment. Started by two rock climbers ClimbTech has grown to achieve a reputation of dependable and innovative products.

  • Fixe

    Started in 1992, Fixe's anchoring products are designed for the needs of the indoor and outdoor climbing communities. Fixe produces high quality products that pass the CE / UIAA certification process.

  • Lapis

    Lapis produces boar's hair brushes that clean holds quickly and thoroughly without damaging or polishing their texture.



With our Habit Flooring System, you can drastically reduce service intervals, injury count, and employee time spent on cleaning and maintaining. This will result in increased operational efficiency as well as profitability. Through extensive in-house testing, we have developed what has rapidly become the most durable, aesthetic and cleanable impact attenuation system on the market.

Our ballistic system has been tested and is currently in use at some of the nation's most premier climbing and training facilities, and is perfect for high traffic applications that need superior abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. When compared to the various vinyl materials and other woven nylon products used by many our of competitor's systems, our material has been ASTM-tested to be up to twice as strong.

Custom made Habit Flooring System at the Front Ogden.