About Habit Climbing

Sticking a desperate topout. Floating through a crux. Hitting a devious pocket in perfect conditions. When your project feels like your warmup. Effortless flow that seems to come from nowhere. At Habit Climbing, we don’t just enjoy moments like these, we’re insatiably addicted to them. We live for them, travel for them, and we train for them. And we know you do, too.

We also know that a solid training foundation built upon a high-quality gym experience is what takes us all to the next level—on the blocs and cliffs. Which is why we’re here—whether you’re building a garage woody with a group of friends, or outfitting a 10,000-square foot gym, Habit Climbing has all the products and tools you require to craft the ultimate indoor experience.

Let’s face it—for many people, indoor training is just a means to an end. But we know that, with the right tools, it can be so much more.