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Baby Boss Set
This set contains the classic Baby Boss and four brand new "Babies." All holds have "predrilled" set..
Bolt Kit - Original School
Original School Bolt Kit ..
Bolt Kit - Screw On Footholds
Screw On Footholds Bolt Kit ..
Bolt Kit - Set A
Set A Bolt Kit ..
Bolt Kit - Set B
Set B Bolt Kit ..
Bolt Kit - Set C
Set C Bolt Kit ..
Classic Dish Set #1
A super classic set of first pad crimp dishes. This set is reminiscent of some classic holds in Joe'..
Classic Hueco Crimps
Super crimpers. I would like to note that most of these were originally known as "Flakes," and belie..
Classic Pinch Set #1
A set of five classic pinches. Set screw spots have been added to update this line. These holds are ..
Classic Screw On Pockets
This classic set of ten screw on pockets are a great addition to any woodie. Very reminiscent of Joe..
Crimp Pocket Set #1
A brand new set of crimp pockets. These holds were shaped to be very reminiscent of some older class..
Granite Edges
Training for a bouldering trip to Little Cottonwood or Leavenworth? These granite edges will help ge..
Jowl Jugs 3X
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs 5X
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs 6X
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs 7X
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs Large 1
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs Large 2
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs Medium
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs Small
Bolts not included...
Jowl Jugs XL
Bolts not included...
Large Broken Shale Edges
They may be broken but they work just fine! The Broken Shale set provides five holds with comfortabl..
Large Classic Granite
The Classic Granite. This set contains the very first "broken foam" granite hold that was ever made...
Large Core Cobbles
The Cobble Edges, with their Maple Canyon cobble shape and signature Abide texture create a combinat..
Large Core Stalactites
If "Twist and shout holds" was not such a mouth full it would be a more proper name for these holds..
Large Rough Cut Slopers
With the Large Rough Cuts geometric shape you are given a wide variety of possibility, with a simple..
Large Weathered Ledge Jugs
6 deep jugs that are positive enough to be used on nearly any angle wall. The weathered ledge design..
Large Wheat Pinches
Super Thin, Super Tall. The Large Wheat Pinches will keep your steep the best wall in the gym. Shape..
Combining attributes of a larger XX size hold with the versatility of a volume is what Loaded is all..
Medium Broken Shale Jugs
These 6 Medium jugs offer peeled layers for a different feel with an artistic broken shale style. Th..
Medium Classic Granite
A set of five medium sized classic granite shapes. A few of my favorites. All holds have had the bol..
Medium Rough Cut Jugs
6 Medium Rough Cut Jugs perfect for everyday use. ..
Medium Weathered Ledge Jugs
These 6 artistic weathered ledge holds are excellent medium size finger buckets. ..
Medium Wheat Pinches
We all agree that these are likely the most comfortable and most versatile pinches on the market. Se..
Octo Jugs Medium
This sandstone looks like it was in a fight with an octopus, hence the name. The water divots give t..
Power Junkie Board
The super classic Power Junkie. This is an extremely elegant hang board. I'm slightly biased in this..
Retro Classic Font Set
It is a great honor and pleasure to once again be able to offer them back to the climbing community...
Simple Crimps
Bolts not included. Color varies with daily production. Specific color option available for up cha..
Small Broken Shale Crimps
6 uniquely shaped climbing holds that offer ½ - ¾ pad crimps. These small crimps are great for slabs..
Small Classic Granite
A remastered set of the smaller classic granite shapes. All fifteen holds have had the bolt holes re..
Small Core Easy Feet
While Abides owner Buck was shaping holds he recognized that half the time feet are the biggest fact..
Small Core Smear Feet
The Core Smear Feet have no edges; instead it's a sloping oval shapes surface with Abides signature ..
Small Honey Combs
This set of 10 small knobs can be crimped, pinched, and used for great foot placement on all angles...
Meteorite: "small fragment of rock, iron or polyurethane that has fallen from the sky slammed into a..
Small Rough Cut Crimps
These Small Rough Cut Crimps provide basic one pad crimps with slightly different contours and incut..
Swoop Jugs Medium
Clean smooth lines and curves are what this set is all about. These incuts will make any setter or c..