Pusher is a small brand that got started in 1993 and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative climbing holds.



Habit Climbing is owned and operated by rock climbers with decades of experience in gym operation, wall design and construction, and hold manufacturing. We know what separates a good gym from an excellent one. We share a lifelong passion for climbing, and we’re just as psyched about climbing and training as our customers.



Red Point was founded by Nikita Taylor when he was 15 years old. He quickly realized he did not have the capital to start such an enterprise so he enlisted his mentor and climbing partner David Beriault, engineer-extrordinaire and seasoned sport climber. Together, they built up Red Point after countless silicone spills, all-nighters, and polyurethane stains. Not long after Red Point was launched, Aaron Culver jumped on board by providing his amazing shaping skills. As our head shaper, his vision continues to decide what our lineup needs and comes up with groundbreaking solutions.


On Site Climbing began when Jordan Hughes wanted to open a climbing and fitness facility for seasonal use in Utah. Having thought about how to budget equipment for the gym, he began making holds. After thousands of hours and many long nights, he felt the perfected products deserved to be sold to everyone. So here they are. On Site. Grab a hold!


Specializing in crafting thoughtful climbing holds with the experienced route-setter in mind. Each hold is carefully considered, designed, and matched with purpose- in this, Menagerie looks to rework climbing holds industry, creating a truly passionate and design-centric culture.


Source holds hail from the high plains of southeastern Wyoming. Crafted with inspiration from the steely granite of Vedauwoo and the blocks of the Front Range, these sets are both creative and functional in any gym setting.  Careful attention to the contour and design of our holds ensures enjoyable and comfortable climbing at any level.


A small climbing hold company based out of South Carolina. We strive to combine function and creativity to bring you high quality climbing holds.


We are a climbing hold company formed in 2013. Since then we have been bringing you new shapes, texture, design and quality.


Abide was built on the idea that quality doesn't need to be expensive. The climbing world as we know it was built on the backs of men who valued the freedom of the climb more than materialism. We go to work every day to bring that freedom to dirtbag climbers and gym rats alike. Everyone deserves a piece of that tasty pie.