Gone are the days of crappy ‘90s pockets! No more finger-tweaking eye sores! Habit Climbing has the best arsenal of pockets available. We’re bringing pockets back!

These deep, smoothly-rounded pockets give plenty of pulling power without tweaking the tendons. Rich..
Toe Jam
 A set of five small screw on pockets that have a shallow, but comfortable depth and radius, great f..
These four pockets complete your Slasher collection to bringing fresh new routes to the climbers you..
The beauty of something imperfect is you need to learn to love it, but it won't take long with the n..
The  super  classic Power Junkie. This is an extremely elegant hang board. I'm slightly biased in th..
Toe Jam
A set of three small limestone inspired pockets great for gently overhanging walls.  ..
Toe Jam
A set of 5 medium sandstone inspired slots, great for vertical walls and low angle overhangs.  ..
Toe Jam
An XXL sandstone inspired slot, great for low angle overhangs.  ..
Toe Jam
A set of four medium pockets that are reminiscent of some sandstone or limestone pockets that you mi..
Toe Jam
A set of 2 XXL pinches that bring a little bit of funk into your setting routine, they hold some ver..